Craters and Artifacts 

If there is one country that I will always share a love-hate relationship, it would be Indonesia. There is no definite reason. Or maybe there is, and I haven’t been able to put words to it. Its a same feeling that I opften have with Karnataka at large, and Mangalore in specifics.

The topography of Indonesia’s islands lends a unique geographical make-up to the whole country.  Because the 13,677 islands that makeup Indonesia are located on the two continental shelves, the country is extremely predisposed to all natural disasters especially earthquakes, and volcanoes. Many of the mountains in the country are volcanic, and there are several crater lakes on the islands. Java alone has 50 active volcanoes. Tangkuban perahu is an active volcano located 30 kilometres from Bandung (west Java), the third largest city of Indonesia. It is the only volcanic crater in Indonesia that can be accessed right up to the very rim.

Even though the volcano is not active, the rumbles of the earthquake that is commonly seen in Indonesia, and the sulphur fumes that are continuously seen from the crater creates this atmosphere of anticipation for all the visitors that frequent the place. Other than the majestic view and feeling of sitting on top a volcano, the highlight of this place is the hot water spring which is reputed to be therapeutic according to the locals. I have pictures of my grandmother soaking up her feet while I was feeling all antsy about the whole volcano thing.  

There is folklore behind every unusual geographical feature located in Java. Because of the unsual boat shape of this mountain, Tangkuban perhau is also known as the Reversed Boat. Sangkuriang is a legend well-known among the people of Sunda, West Java which tells a story of the young Sangkuriang’s efforts to win the heart of Dayang Sumbi, a charming woman who, surprisingly, is his own mother. They love each other, but on account of the revealation that her lover is her son, Sumbi tries to end their relationship. She asks for a lake and a boat to be completed by dawn next day. To ensure that the task never gets completed, she tried to create further obstacles. The infuriated lover broke the dam of Citarum river and kicked the boat away do hard that it ended up falling upside down in the shape of a reversed boat.

Collecting souvenirs is a habit that has passed on in our family. My father is a geologist, whereas my mother is a geophysicist. So both have a strong fascination for all things related to geology. And our house depicts that very crazy obsession.

Some memories can never be captured enough, and the souvenirs captured it perfectly. If I do find the pictures, I am definitely updating and reblogging it for all of you. Until then, please enjoy the pictures that I curated from Mr. Google.

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  1. Wonderful pictures and souvenirs 🙂

    You come from a family of scientists 🙂
    What did you take as a subject for graduation/PG?

    Have a great day.

    Anand 🙂


    • Thanks Pam for reading 🙂 well… I left India towards the end of high school year. So adjusting in a new place, with new people, new culture and language was quite daunting. Sometimes things are not what it seems. And to be reminded of that at an early age didn’t make the whole stay pleasant

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, souvenirs make for more vivid memories. I love photography, but my work keeps me anchored to Delhi – so I might end up specializing in Macro. I had no idea you were a doctor – your posts never tattled (or I missed the signs.)


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