Threads of Indore

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

August 2015

The best part about the cities and towns of my country is that there is some unique trait that they will boast about. Indore is no different. Having being crowned as the cleanest city of India for the 5th time, Indore is very vocal for its street food and food lovers. I don’t think I saw even one street corner which didn’t have a food joint; be it a restaurant or a simple street vendor. People do not discriminate between a five-star restaurant and a street vendor. If you are a foodie, do pay a visit to Sarafa, India’s first night street food and 56 shops or Chappan Dukaan. And make sure you wear your oldest elastic sweat pants. It is mostly vegetarian dishes, prepared in pure ghee. You will definitely lick your fingers and will cry in shame later seeing your weight.

Lalbagh Palace holds a special place in the city of Indore. The monument is created purely of marble and represents the abode of Holkar family. Unfortunately photography is strictly prohibited inside the building. But the grandeur of each room is so gorgeous that I was simply stunned. The collection of well-maintained antiquities reminded me of my grandfather’s British furniture collection.

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