Featuring Artists

Wait… I think I was supposed to use the Blogger word here. But come on!!! The flair with which we use words is nothing short of creativity. And in my eyes, any creativity can be related to artistry. 

So when two classes of blogging university compels you to expand your thinking horizon and introduce feature posts, you invariably do that. So I would like to take this opportunity to welcome my first guest Blogger Donna Long from Whats New Adventure. She is an adventurous lady hailing from the land of Alaska, who shares my passion for travel, adventure and of course, good food. Her travel blog reflects her beautiful personality and she wants to share and extend this journey with all of us. 

I have been indulging In a delightful exchange of emails with this wonderful lady and I am excited for her first post. Keep an eye out, will you?

Until then, Adios Amigos!!

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