Unity in Beauty

I have a thing for old doors, archways, latticeworks. I will go completely bonkers over any such architecture that is lost in glory, time or simply neglect. But I never thought I will get enchanted with something that belongs to the new world.

Despite being new to the city, Patrika Gate lives upto all its hype and truly deserves it’s place as a modern architectural wonder reflecting the legacy of Rajasthani culture. Patrika Gate, the Instagram trendsetter, is the 9th gate of Jaipur that was constructed in 2016, and named after a local news company called Patrika. Our current PM, during his inaugration, commended Kulish Ji from the company for his contribution to Indian journalism. It’s a unique memorial in a way – The gate basically comprises of rows of fabulous Archways, each decor showcasing the architecture and cultural heritage of all the regions of Rajasthan. Patrika Gate as a monument adds to the legacy of the Patrika news company of being embedded and unifying the cultural values of Rajasthan. Interestingly, 9 plays a role in the construction of the gate – 9 feet wide 9 pavilions, 81 ft wide gate and 108 ft in height which apparently coincides with the width of the main markets in the walled city. 

Here is a small photo dump of the beauty!!


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