The New Glow in Town

Since the day I moved to Abu Dhabi and I started noticing this pattern of growing evolution of Dubai on every visit to the city. Every time, a new thing gets added to make the city more appealing for the tourists. The recent addition to this trend is the Dubai Glow Garden. Dubai Municipality has created a $8 million glow-in-the-dark garden at Zabeel Park.


You must be wondering what is so great about a glowing garden. Well the main aim or intention is to showcase the talent and artworks by 150 artists from around the world. Each artifact is created using silk that glows at night, giving up an impression of a light show. Every artwork represents a unique feature about a country. From an African Savanna show inspired by the Masai Mara wild beast migration to the tulips of the Netherlands, the main aim of this garden is to highlight and emphasise on the multi-cultural environment that exists within the Emirates.

Tulips of Netherlands

The entire park has been made to make it a fun experience for all age group. It is fascinating to see a Candy Land, Sparking Garden and a Talking Tree which actually does talk!!!

Sparkling Garden
Talking Tree

It also highlights some of the highlightsiconic structures of UAE like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi made out of 90000 porcelain cups, plates and spoon; and the infamous 12-metre tall Burj Khalifa miniature recreated from 330, 000 medicine bottles filled with colored water.

Miniature of Burj Khalifa

Disclaimer: You must be noticing that my usual watermark is missing in the pictures. Well the reason behind is that, during the time period when I visited the place, my dearest iphone was destroyed and hence all the pictures have been borrowed from my Father who has been gloating over it. Otherwise, you can keep on hitting the Like button people!! 😉

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  1. This is absolutely a wonder for the eyes! It is just beyond beautiful! I was in awe as I read this post and gazed at the unbelievable pictures of such beauty. I only wish I could have the opportunity to see it in person. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Exquisitely beautiful! Dubai has always managed to surprise one and all with its technological marvels. From dancing fountains to now this. Do visit the Miracle Garden some day and share pics of that. 🙂


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