Da-man: The Story of Two Girls!!


So once upon a time in Mumbai there were two girls. Two friends, meeting up after 8 years and ending up as room mates in the big bad glorious city of Mumbai. Both very similar and yet very different personalities. But one common point was the feeling that always prevailed with both of them “Enough with the men and their drama rama. Let’s just get the fuck out of Mumbai.” So numerous places were suggested, discussed and duly rejected. And then like a “Eureka” moment, One friend (me) got stuck with the idea of Daman while treating one of my patient. So with lot of excitement this momentous decision was informed to the other friend. As a diligent roomate, she refused with the condition that she will accompany me or else no one is going! Such drama for two people who do not want any drama, right?!

With a weather of 31 degrees, this ex-Portugese territory is a clean, charming little town that attracts a huge crowd from Mumbai and Gujarat; not because of its beauty or beaches but because of zero tax exemption on alcohol. From Mumbai, there are three ways of reaching Daman. By road, it takes roughly three hours by bus or a car. Trains and Flights are also available. The nearest railway station is Vapi, which is 10 Kms away from Daman. Once you get down at Vapi, you can take the local transport (auto or cab) to reach Daman.

Moti Daman Fort is an imposing Portuguese structure with a well-built road traversing around the fort and through the fort as well. However visitors are not allowed to the top of the fort any more since the complex that has been built inside the fort comprises of all official offices and departments.


A must visit will be the Cathedral of Bom Jesus and Our Lady of the Rosary, both located within the complex inside the Fort.

If you have seen the beaches in Goa and Gokarna and you live next o Juhu and Chowpatty, the beaches of Daman will come to you as a shocking revelation. The water is extremely muddy and grey and highly unremarkable to look at, despite being clean and less crowded.

Nani Daman Fort, located close to the beach is one of the most magnificent tourist attraction facing a spectacular spread of the river Daman Ganga. There is a lighthouse near to the fort but unfortunately it was off limits at that point of time.

Other hotspots:

  • Dominician Monastery – Unfortunately it is closed on Sunday as per the locals, but from what I gleaned of the google it is a beautiful sight to herald.
  • Mirasol Waterpark
  • Kadaiya Lake Garden
  • Panikota Fort
  • Pargola Garden
  • Satya Sagar Udyan
  • Parsi Fire Temple
  • Tribal Land of Saputara
  • Jain Temple
  • House of Bocage
  • Damna Ganga Tourist Complex


A cheap, quick getaway is all that you need to recharge your battery. And Daman fulfilled that mission completely and satisfactorily.

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