Cherrapunji of the South

October 2013

Do you google for unique or glorious sunsets? I am not saying I do that! But apparently, if I am unknowlingly staying in a remote place and I try to search for interesting things to do, I end up finding such remote facts! Agumbe is known to have one of the most glorious sunsets according to Google. I stumbled across this place because of the most randomest incident ever in the history of Mangalore – Yo Yo Honey Singh decided to host a concert in Manipal, Karnataka. And thanks to him, an impromptu group trip just happened.


I will always maintain my claim that road trips are insanely more fun, especially when you have your own personal car. No hassle of dealing with the tricky language problem that non-localities like us tend to face often in South Indian cities. The road to Agumbe had some unnerving pin curves that is equivalent to the roads on Western Ghats.


But the curves sure do lead to some excellent viewpoints!


If you continue further along from Agumbe, you will end up at Kodlu Teertha waterfall. While the whole waterfall system in Karnataka is quite famous, lookout for the slippery rocks and the leeches!!

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